So, apparently today is 'National Work Like a Dog Day.' A day dedicated to the hard workers who go the extra mile.

I have to confess though, I've never quite understood that phrase because every dog I know is totally living the dream!

My not so hardworking pup spends her days following the sunlight as it moves from window to window throughout our home during the day, then she makes herself cozy and settles in for a nap.

When she's not napping, I guess she's 'hard at work' waiting for someone to walk by our home or ring the doorbell so she can assert her guard dog authority and then she almost immediately parks herself in front of the pantry door looking for a reward.

Of course, I know there's an exception to every rule and there are service dogs out there that make the rest of our canines look pretty darn lazy.

When it comes to love and loyalty, however ... My Mila is hands down the hardest worker I know.

I guess as they say It's a dog eat dog world! In any case, I hope you can enjoy these beautiful dog days of summer especially today, on 'National Work Like a Dog Day.'

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