Cochranites who live in Heritage Hills or Sunset Ridge may hear some strange noises coming from their bathroom this week.

"CCTV inspections continue throughout Cochrane as crews are working through Heritage Hills and Sunset Ridge." says a statement posted on the Town of Cochrane's Facebook page.

"Closed Circuit TV inspections of Town-owned sanitary sewers are completed by driving remote-operated cameras down the pipes to inspect for areas of concern such as breaks, cracks, or sags in the piping system. This innovative technology can significantly reduce costly flushing and inspection on all wastewater completion piping. These inspections provide the Town with valuable information about system integrity and operation by identifying areas requiring repair or replacement."

During the project, residents could notice bubbling or splashing coming from the toilet bowl. This is due to the inspection air venting into a home via the sewer service line. Residents in Sunset and Heritage are asked to keep their toilet seats down during the day to avoid any accidental spillage. 

No parking signs could pop up around the area and the work takes around one hour for each stretch of sanitary sewer.