A local business is hoping to give Cochranites another option for an evening out.

The Venue, formerly the Bullhorn is revamping the existing location from a country western theme to a live entertainment facility.

Bonnie Bye, The Venue Co-Partner, says the goal of the new establishment is to give Cochrane more variety.

"If you don't have to travel to go and have a good time and enjoy yourself, then why wouldn't you stay closer to home?" She says, "Why would you want to take that responsibility of driving the highway to see a local musician housed in Calgary? So if we can bring that concept here, then why wouldn't we do that?"

Bye shares The Venue will bring karaoke, bands, open mic nights, and vinyl djing to town. They would also like to host big acts coming through Cochrane in the future.

She's hoping Cochranites young and old will embrace the new theme.

"We chose the name The Venue, because it means a gathering of people. We're all social beings, so just to be close knit, enjoying something and adding something to your busy schedule."

The Venue is already running live entertainment and open mic nights, and is planning a Grand Opening sometime after Halloween.