A pair of ladies from Cochrane have teamed up to offer a weekend for women to focus on professional and personal growth & development.

The Retreat will offer a space to relax while challenging you to grow on a professional or personal level.

Kailey Leonzio, who owns Quirk, has teamed up with Evexia Travel owner, Julia Lutchman to offer the event to help give women the chance to reconnect and recharge with a number of different package options. 

You can choose to go for the whole weekend or just a day.

Leonzio says this event is geared towards women who are in the same boat as them.

"Women in Cochrane and area who are sort of in the same walks of life as us, is sort of where our intention was. So women who are running their own businesses, who have young families. Women who basically don't take enough time for themselves."

Leonzio says the last several months have been a tough go for a lot of people. 

"Women got thrown into this whole new role, of being not just caregivers but teachers and also working parents at home and over COVID everything changed. As a woman myself, I really noticed the anxiety and the stress and the overwhelm that's been put on everybody over the last few months." 

Leonzio & Lutchman are offering a discount for 91.5 CochraneNow listeners. If you use the promo code "cochranenow" you will receive $100 off the two or three night packages. 

There's a big range in topics being offered throughout the weekend from yoga to branding your business to getting to the root of inflammation. 

The Retreat will be held at the Ursa Retreat Centre, which is about 20 minutes northwest of Cochrane. 

You can find more information about The Retreat, here.