Over one hundred horses have been saved thanks to the newly formed Jensen Ranch Rescue Society. 

What started out as just an idea a few short years ago has now turned into a full blown operation. 

"It was just a concept in 2021 when I heard about a horse that had gone through an auction in northern BC, and she was blind and was purchased by the "meat man" because there's a pretty big horse meat industry that a lot of people aren't aware of, explains co-founder Kendra Watt, "I just really felt bad for this horse and through my network and my connections. I was able to purchase her back from the "meat man" and adopted her as my own and she ended up being the most incredible horse. She's a little sassy. She's a little feisty. But she was broke to ride and, and she's not actually blind. She has one eye so she does have sight and, it's just been the most amazing experience to be able to rescue her. And throughout that whole process. My best friend Kari and her husband Cody got on board and we decided that this was the fight that we wanted to join and we started the horse rescue."

The local realtor says their mission at Jensen Ranch Rescue Society is simple, they're there to save horses. 

"Horses that are either destined for slaughter or when the owners find themselves in a situation where they can no longer care for the horses or even sometimes we get calls from various reserves around the Cochrane area where they have injured or wild horses with no owner and they don't really know what to do with them. So we get those calls, we respond to those calls and we do everything we can to help these horses and rehome them."

Watt explains a lot of the horses that they have right now came from a family who became overwhelmed after their situation changed and they weren't able to care for the horses.

"They were pretty much wild. So we have our work cut out for us just kind of getting these horses quiet and getting them healthy. They're full of worms and ticks and they need veterinary care. So it's a big process and there's a lot of horses but we have a lot of hands on deck and a lot of people that are helping us out with it."

The group has saved over 150 horses, rehoming the majority of them.

The group is hosting a charity fundraiser event which is set to go on Saturday, March 2 at Half Hitch Brewing Company.

Tickets are $50 and can be found HERE

fundraiser poster

If you can't make the fundraiser, there's also an opportunity to offer support by sponsoring a horse or by donating to the society on their website. 

Jensen Ranch Rescue Society is located 45 mins northwest of Cochrane near Water Valley.