Cindy Marie Evans is a local Psychic Medium who has lived in the community since the 1980's and has been doing readings for over 20 years.

Evans said when she was first gifted tarot cards by her niece she felt they weren't for her and didn't use them. 

"I got the cards out again and I looked at them and I go, I have to make these cards mine and so I took a felt marker and wrote on the cards what each card meant to me. I was sort of fooling around with them and my sister phoned me so I read her, she asked me a few questions and told her the answers and she hung up on me, didn't speak for a week, we always spoke everyday before, a week later she phoned me back and says shut your mouth and get your cards, everything you said was true".

Evans does readings over the phone and says they fill her heart when she helps people make connections.

People reach out to her from all over the world as she is on the international psychic registry. She believes this is how she began garnering interest from the national scene, doing an interview in New York, but says that Cochrane is more her as she's country through and through. 

Cindy has a full website with more information about her, and how to book a reading here.