CochraneNow and PZA Parlour teamed up to Pizza It Forward!

At the end of each month, CochraneNow heads into a neighbourhood in Cochrane with a car full of hot and fresh pizza from PZA Parlour. The first pizza goes to someone who was nominated here. From there that person tells where the next pizza goes and on and on until we run out of pies.

This month we chose to go into Mitford and start at Corinne's house due to this nomination. "She is my sister. She has had a lot of serious things to deal with over the last two years. She is always doing for others. Collecting for bottle drives for the kids. Collecting food for the food bank. AND of course her family. She had a kind and unselfish ♥️. She deserves to win this prize"

Check out the video below to see what happened when Pizza It Forward went through Mitford and you can nominate someone here