The arrival of warmer weather and uptick in activities since the passing of the pandemic has left the Big Hill Lodge seeking more volunteers.

Kim Maclure, the lodge's social and leisure coordinator, says they are running short of volunteers at a time when there's plenty happening.

"The better weather means we're getting out more. We have our own bus that I drive, and so any trips that we take, whether it's to Walmart, lunch, drives to the mountains. museums anything like that, we need to have volunteers along with us," she explains. "We can't do any of those things without help."

Volunteers are also crucial for any of the activities taking place right in the lodge, such as crafts and the many celebrations held throughout the year.

"I'm in my 12th year here at Big Hill Lodge and I've had volunteers that started pretty quick after I did and some that have been volunteering before my time, but people come, and people go, and we do need more volunteers."

Maclure says it's simply to apply.  The best way is to call her through the lodge's main number (403-932-3355) or email her at A tour of the lodge will be arranged as well as a brief meeting with lodge manager Sandra Robin.

A volunteer check is also required, and she'll provide a letter to give to the RCMP.