A speed limit reduction and additional traffic calming features are being added to River Heights Dr. and there may soon be further news on the continuation of James Walker Trail.

Effective Apr. 3, the speed limit will drop to 30 kph from 50 kph from River Heights Lane to the existing school zone for Bow Valley High School. That means the bulk of the major southside corridor will now be a 30-kph zone.

Drew Hyndman, executive director of Development and Infrastructure Services, says most Cochrane neighbourhoods have 30-k zones and it only makes sense to extend it in this rapidly-growing residential area. It also complements the announcement of funding for a new K-8 school in Rivercrest.

"We have homes fronting on to this, there's people trying to cross as Rivercrest and Willows continue to grow, so having that slower speed in the area we believe is a positive outcome," says Hyndman.

It's also something residents have been vocal about.

Peter Lantos, a River Heights Dr. resident, is among those who have been pushing for the speed reduction.

"I really do hate to say it, but I think it might take a child getting injured for the town to take action," said Lantos while discussing his concerns with Cochrane Now in January.

Other traffic calmer measures are being added.

In the spring, a solar-powered crosswalk will be installed at the Riveria roundabout. Another one was installed at River Heights Drive and River Heights Lane, near the 7-Eleven, in the past.

Last December, town council approved the installation of traffic lights at the intersection of River Heights Dr. and Rivercrest Dr. It's located adjacent to the recent announcement of funding for a new K-8 school in Rivercrest.

The town is contributing $150,000 towards the installation of $500,000 traffic signals. Developers Slokker and Qualico are paying the rest.

Hyndman says the town may soon have news to share on the continuation of James Walker Trail. Residents have been insisting it needs to be completed now.

"We're working with Qualico right now and we're hoping to have some news on that shortly. So if you put all these things together, I think it's some really positive news for the community."