I woke up to my usual early alarm this morning... knowing that this wasn't going to be my usual kind of day.

Like so many in our area, and around the world, I'm transitioning to a new norm of working remotely.

So here I am, Day one of working from home. As bizarre as it is to sit at my kitchen table and make radio .. I'm so incredibly grateful that I can! I'm grateful for an employer that looks out for their employees and for a career that helps people feel and stay connected at a time when physically distancing from others is so crucial.

To say this is an adjustment is an understatement. My husband is also here working in the next room, my kids are home from school and my dog is running around the house both confused and excited to have us all at home with her.

Raising my coffee cup to all my work family today, and all of you adjusting to this new norm. Happy Wednesday!