After a two year pause due to the pandemic, the Cochrane Outhouse races are returning.

Event organizer Dan Kroffat says that the over 20 year-old event is scheduled to take place on Sunday, August 28th barring any complications.

The format for the races is similar to a popular Stampede event says Kroffat.

“It's almost like the chuckwagon's, we do them in heats and then we eliminate the teams that are losing in their heats, and then we have a final runoff between the two finalists to determine who will be the 2022 outhouse world champion.”

In addition to races a special award will be given to one of its organizers, that has helped make the races the success that it is says Kroffat.

"We're going to be honouring Karrie Peace, who had run the Outhouse races for years, so this year we want to take the opportunity to thank her so we'll be presenting her with a citizen's award."

Kroffat also says that the races will be open to sign up for next week under a new group.

"We will have a contact set-up, and it'll be through our new group, just formed recently in Cochrane, the Rocky Mountain Rotarians. This is a group of young business leaders who have now come together and they will be serving the community in every way they can."

Lastly Kroffat says that Cochranites should start to get excited for the return of the races.

"I would suggest people get out and oil up those wheels on the outhouses, because we're coming back and it's going to be a lot of fun."