Cochranites will not have to worry about a disruption in their postal service, as Canada Post has dropped its threat of locking out employees.

Yesterday, the Minister of Employment, Workforce Development and Labour, MaryAnn Mihychuk, encouraged both Canada Post and the Canadian Union of Postal Workers to continue their discussions beyond the lockout notice. 

Accordingly the Corporation has withdrawn its 72-hour notice. As a result, there will not be a lockout, which will allow both parties to focus their efforts on serious negotiations. 

The Crown Corporation released in a statement on Friday, July 8, saying what Canada Post employees and customers need is long-term certainty in the postal system.

"Canada Post and the union have been in discussions since late 2015, with 60 days of conciliation and almost 30 more days with federal mediators, yet the parties remain far apart on key issues," the statement reads. "The impasse has caused tremendous uncertainty, which is having a major impact on the business, our customers and our employees."

The uncertainty of a lockout has had a large influence on business, the amount of mail and parcels they process and deliver has seen a significant decrease.

"Parcel volumes from our major e-commerce customers have declined by more than 80 per cent. Yesterday alone, the amount of mail deposited across our network was down more than 80 per cent compared with the same day last year."

Canada Post says the Corporation is committed to reaching settlements that are affordable and reasonable.