Rocky View County (RVC) council has agreed to contribute $45,000 toward a feasibility assessment for the proposed Cochrane Lake Improvement Plan.

This week, RVC council approved the terms of reference and associated budget adjustment for the proposed plan and directed administration to sign the cost-sharing agreement between the county and Macdonald Communities Limited.

The county is taking a lead role in the development of the Cochrane Lake Improvement Plan that would address the long-term sustainability of the water quality and quantity of stormwater runoff into Cochrane Lake. Phase one involves completing a feasibility assessment that will provide a framework for what needs to be completed and its probable costs.

"The goal is to establish feasible and practical strategies that can effectively support the present and future development of the surrounding area," states a report presented to RVC council on Jan. 23. "Field testing and additional engineering assessments are required to confirm the appropriate long-term strategy, ensuring the proposed solution is feasible and address any unforeseen challenges through the regulatory approval process."

RVC is paying half of the $$90,000 cost, and Macdonald Communities Limited is responsible for the other half.

The work is expected to be completed by this fall with a report and recommendations coming back to council by the end of the year.

The overall plan is designed to improve water quality, develop a recreational pathway system and put in place flood mitigation solutions for Cochrane Lake.