The town has added further water restrictions to help stabilize water reservoir levels while repairs are being completed to the ruptured wastewater pipeline located near the Hwy. 22 bridge and Griffin Rd.

The SLS Centre has been temporarily closed and the town has added steps to restrict water usage by hotels and Cochrane GM, located directly northwest of the site.

Town officials say there has been significant loss from the water storage facilities and they continue to implore the community to reduce water consumption.

A major hauling operation is now underway to help stabilize the reservoir's level. During this operation, residents may see water trucks in their neighbourhoods filling from fire hyrdrants.

Officials assure residents this will not impact water pressure or availability.

Pathways adjacent to the Bow River from the Hwy 22 bridge to Griffin Industrial Point remain closed, including the Jim Uffelmann Memorial Park. People should also continue to avoid the area where repairs are underway.

Town officials state they continue to focus on three primary objectives: stop sewage flow to the Bow River; communicate accurate and timely information to our stakeholders; and maintain effective and safe drinking water and reservoir levels.