Grad season is quickly approaching and the Bow Valley High School (BVHS) Parent Graduation Committee has one mission; make sure no grad is left behind.

“There are less than 80 days till graduation on June 28,” says Alannah Gamblin-Jensen with the Parent Committee. “We're trying to get the banquet and prom celebration which will be held at the SLS Centre. We're running what we call No Grad Left Behind and that initiative is to help ensure that all of these grads, no matter the income levels, can go. The fundraising will basically lower the ticket costs for everyone across the board and then we have a slush fund for those that need it.”

“We are reaching out to the community for sponsorships. We did a resource page on our website where we were getting grad-related services to buy an ad and we would list them and push them through all of our newsletters.”

There are 240 students in the 2024 BVHS graduating class and without the parent committee, there would be no banquet.

“The school is hands-off on the celebration part,” says Gamblin-Jensen. “They handle the June 27 convocation at the SLS, handing over the diploma and then the parent lead group is fully responsible for organizing and planning, along with SLS, the banquet and prom.”

“This is the age group that when the pandemic hit, were in Grade 8 and missed all of their celebrations. And in fact, the rest of the school year went all online. So they missed out on that celebration of leaving junior high and going into high school.”

There are several tier levels of sponsorship available for the fundraiser and Gamblin-Jensen says they have seen local businesses already stepping up but would love to see more to bring the cost down for the class of 2024.

For more details and sponsorship opportunities GO HERE.

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