Cochrane Taekwon-do provincial sparing champion Andrea Raab has set her sights on competing for Canada at the 2025 World Championship 

The second-degree black belt is fresh off gold medal sparing wins at provincials in Airdrie and at the North American Invitational Taekwon-do Championships in Regina. She also won silver in patterns at the international competition.

raabAndrea competing at the North American Invitational Taekwon-do Championships. (submitted)

Andrea says it was her first international competition, but it could have come sooner if not for an injury she suffered the night before leaving for a national team qualifier. She was completing a flying sidekick over 110 cm for specialty board-breaking when the injury occurred.

"I cleared it and kicked it, but I landed on my ankle, and I couldn't go to nationals, unfortunately. because I pulled my ligament."

She was able to return to Taekwondo in September and is staying away from power board breaking.

"I would love to get back into specialty board breaking again, but my instructor and I think it's best for me not to risk injury, plus I'm really passionate about sparing. That's the main thing I want to focus on in my future."

She is determined to advance from a future national qualifier for world championship in Croatia in 2025

Andrea typically trains out of her dojang two days a week and goes in extra days for when she's preparing for tests or training for tournaments.

Now 16, Andrea was just 3 1/2 years old when she was introduced to the sport. Her mother was taking a workout class with Trinity Taekwon-Do and brought Andrea along. The woman running the class got the clearance for Andrea to start early.

She says it started with learning to defend herself and her passion has grown from there.

"I really enjoyed it, so I stayed in it and continued to practice the art."

At age 10, she moved to an Airdrie dojang, where she continues to train.

The tournament season has wrapped up for now, but she has her eye on the Western Canadian Championships scheduled to take place in Calgary in late November.

In the meantime, she's continuing to focus on her patterns, memorizing forms, and improving her sparing techniques.

"Patterns have very specific different angles, weight distributions, stances, and positioning of your arms and hands, so I need to get more advice on that from my instructors."

"I'm just going to train my hardest," she says. "I have a bag at home. I try to train as much time as I can in my spare time."

She plays other sports, is taking her national lifeguarding course, and balances all of that with her schoolwork from St. Timothy High School.

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