Lisa Almond has been named executive director of Community & Protective Services. 

Her appointment follows an extensive recruitment process to replace Stacey Loe, who has since been named executive director of corporate services.

"I'm like so honored," says Almond. "It was it was an in-depth competition and it's always humbling to go up against some really high-quality candidates, so I'm really thrilled that I get to serve our community in this way."

With over two decades of social services experience, Almond transitioned to municipal government over seven years ago.  During her tenure with the Town of Cochrane, she has worked in nearly every section of the organization, including executive leadership roles in both operations and corporate services. Currently she is the town's director of organizational strategy and culture, leading the human resources, corporate communications, intergovernmental and corporate strategy teams.

The knowledge that comes with serving the town in those capacities will allow her to quickly step into the role when her appointment takes effect on June 17.

"Sometimes getting fresh eyes from outside definitely helps, but in this particular position, I think we've got to hit the ground running," she says. "Our municipality is moving so quickly at the moment with our growth and everything that having the advantage of really understanding our systems I think is going to serve the community and our organization well. I don't need that year cycle to understand how the budgets work and all the different systems. I'm in there, I understand them, and I and I know the staff really well, which is an incredible bonus for sure."

In January 2020, then CAO Dave Devana completed a major restructuring of the town's administration which saw the senior portfolio of Community Services, Parks and Open Spaces folded into the development services. Devana stepped down a month later. Since Mike Derricott was named CAO in 2021, the town has taken a new direction and added more resources for the newly-created the Community & Protective Services division.

In the town's organizational chart, FCSS, parks and open spaces, community services, culture, community events and the RancheHouse Event Centre are all part of the portfolio, in addition to fire, municipal enforcement, protective services and emergency management.

"There's a lot of community interest in these two portfolios and I am so willing to take that on," she says.

Almond says the department is staffed with dedicated, highly-skilled professionals.

"I am excited to work alongside them and support the work they do to enact our community vision and Council’s strategic priorities. I am more than ready to roll up my sleeves to work with council, staff, leadership and the community to make bold, courageous and value-driven decisions that will impact not only those who call Cochrane home now, but for future generations.”