Tia Abelseth is still recovering from her injuries after being hit by a vehicle in Historic downtown Cochrane just days before Christmas. 

The 15-year-old was walking with friends in the area of 1st St. and 2nd Ave. on Dec. 19 when she was hit by an SUV.

The driver did initially stop but then fled which has Cochrane RCMP searching for a Honda Pilot. 

Tia's mom Leah said she was shocked when she found out. 

"It's a phone call that no parent ever wants to get, a phone call from your child to say, Hey, Mom, I've been hit by a car. So yeah, definitely, really shocking."

Leah mentioned that Tia and the friends accompanying her believed that the driver had children in the vehicle.

"How could a mom do that to a child? I mean, I'm glad she stopped and got out but it's really devastating that she would just get back into her car and speed away leaving my child lying on the side of the road when there's the potential for serious injuries."

"Offer to call a taxi, her parents, an ambulance, something."

The driver's actions are inexcusable according to Leah. 

"You know, accidents happen, right? I think I could have probably found forgiveness in the actual hitting her. It was the fact that she left the scene to me is completely unforgivable."

Tia is still on the road to recovery after suffering a broken rib and a concussion. 

"I'm still healing. The worst part is the concussion. I get really dizzy spells."

Cochrane RCMP are searching for a 2006-2008 Honda Pilot, that is silver or grey in colour with black tinted windows.

Honda Pilot Cochrane RCMP are searching for a 2006-2008 Honda Pilot, silver or grey in colour. (photo/Cochrane RCMP)

Anyone with information about the hit and run is asked to contact the local detachment at 403-851-8000. Or if you would prefer to remain anonymous, you can contact Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 (TIPS).

Tia said she has a simple message for the driver. 

"Just be more careful when you're driving." 

The duo remains hopeful that the driver will be located, but Leah expressed skepticism, saying she's not holding her breath.

"I'm not necessarily holding out hope that she will come forward. Here we are three months after the fact."