With temperatures reaching the double digits over the weekend a lot of the ice around town has melted or is starting to.

Cochrane Fire Services is stressing for people stay of the ice “Please avoid the ice in our area right now. And if you see someone in an unsafe condition, it's never a bad idea to call 911 and please don't attempt to rescue anyone in the water.” said Deputy Fire Chief Jared Wallace.

He added that “With the current weather conditions unless you are at the Spray Lakes Sawmills Centre, no ice in Cochrane is safe ice”

Storm ponds during all types of temperatures are also extremely unsafe.

"They are of course present in many communities throughout Cochrane and they are never safe to be on because of the fluctuating water levels underneath. They don't allow for natural ice growth. And the surface ice might be extremely thin, even when it's very cold outside."

Both Mitford Pond and Tim Bannister Memorial Arena have been closed and likely won't be open until next winter.