Wastewater continues to flow into the Bow River. This morning the Town of Cochrane issued a media release stating that wastewater had been contained on site and was no longer entering the river.

However, recent updates from the onsite incident response team indicate that the initial information was inaccurate. The discharge has been significantly reduced, but wastewater is still currently flowing into the Bow River.

The onsite incident response team continues to work to minimize the impacts, with the goal of ensuring the ongoing supply of safe drinking water and implementing all necessary measures to stop the wastewater flow.

"This is a complex and quickly evolving situation and we appreciate your cooperation as we continue to respond." stated a news release from the town of Cochrane.

Residents are being asked to continue to avoid the area.

Pathways next to the Bow River from the Hwy 22 bridge to Griffin Industrial Point remain closed. 

A Level 3 Water Restriction has been implemented but water remains safe to drink. 

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