Blake Richards has picked his favored Candidate for Conservative leader, and it is Pierre Poilievre. 

The Airdrie-Banff Member of Parliament (MP) spoke about his decision as to why he would like to see Poilievre as the new Conservative leader. 

“I’m pretty excited about the kinds of crowds that he's drawn out and some of the ideas that he's putting out there. My support is fully behind him, for sure.” 

Richards says Poilievre’s message of freedom he brings to the table played a part in the endorsement decision. 

“I think that draws in people from all different walks of life and backgrounds because, without freedom, the rest of it is irrelevant. I think his message of freedom really provides hope.” 

According to Richards, Poilievre is one of the smartest guys he knows. 

“I watch the way he's able to communicate his ideas and he's able to bring those ideas forward in a way that resonates with people. People can understand how it impacts their day-to-day life. I think being able to share those conservative ideas in that way will draw all kinds of new voters to the Conservative Party all across this country.” 

The number of people that show up at Poilievre’s rallies is also very impressive, according to Richards. 

“You can see it in the rallies, he's drawn out 1000s of people to rallies. Whether it be here in Alberta, or whether it be in the Toronto area, or anywhere across this country, he's drawing out crowds that are drawn by his message. That's a great indicator of someone who I think can get the imagination of the electorate and help us to make the change that we need to see in this country and get a Conservative Government back in place.” 

To vote on who you think should be the leader of the Conservative Party, you need to have your conservative membership by June 3.  

Around the first week of August, members will receive a ballot in the mail and the winner will be announced on September 10.