This weekend the magical world of Willy Wonka will be coming to life with the live performance from Bow Valley High School.

The show will open on Saturday, March 16 to a sell out crowd, but the show will be performed until March 23, with tickets for the public starting at $15, which can be purchased here.

“We’ve been rehearsing since October, it’s been pretty go go go for the whole time so I’d say we’ve definitely put a ton of work into this so I hope it all pays off” said Willy Wonka actor Landon Caufield.

“Unfortunately we didn't manage to do a show three years ago but the past two years and this year it's been something we can put all our effort into, especially with tech doing incredible work.” said Mordred Aston, who plays Charlie.

Wonka Poster

The crew has over 40 cast members and over 40 tech workers as well as several teacher volunteers.

“We hold ourselves to a pretty high standard especially with tech and the acting as well. So keeping up with that standard is pretty difficult but I think having people in management roles, like our student directors and our stage managers and our technical directors really helps us keep it at that standard so we have a huge team that we're working with and I think any issues we have we rely on that huge team.” said Stage Manager Kinley Roberts. 

The show has several moving parts and lights which are all controlled by the students.

“I feel like it's not stressful, but the week where I have to really keep it together would be the week leading up to performing arts to the dates, just because that's when we go in every day. It does take a lot of energy for that but because so many people including me are so passionate about this project, we find it's a little bit easier because we can set our priorities straight." said one of the directors Carmen Pettit.

The performance will be a mix of all the different adaptations of the Willy Wonka story.