Tickets are now available for the Sept. 23 fundraising dinner and auction at the Big Hill Lodge in support of an extremely important project.

Sandra Robin, manager of the Big Hill Lodge, says they need to raise $180,000 to replace their aging bus that plays an important role for their residents.

"Our "Adventure Mobile" that has graced the streets of Cochrane with its flowers and happiness is running out of lifetime, so we're in the process now of raising about $180,000 for a new bus."

Robin is excited to see the return of the fundraising evening. It's not only important to support purchases like this, but it's one of the highlights of the year.

"This is our first big event we've had for the community, family, and residents since COVID. It's the favorite event of the year, and brings a lot of excitement into the house."

"It's the time when everybody gets dressed up and we welcome our families. But just as importantly, we welcome the community into the house. So it's time for us to showcase the talent in our kitchen, the hard work of all the staff that put the evening together, and it's all in support of our wonderful residents and their home."

Tickets are $60 and are available at the Big Hill Lodge office, 98 Carolina Dr.

Cocktails are at 5 p.m., dinner at 6, and the auction gets underway at 7.

There's a silent auction, but things get particularly lively during the live auction.

"That tends to get people's paddles raised pretty quickly. It's the part that gets everybody really excited. We've got some amazing items this year, and we're just so grateful to the businesses in Cochrane. They've just been amazing this year, and we really thank them for their support."

"I know that along with generating so much excitement for a new bus, we're all very excited about what is coming in the future for our home, too. Getting people excited and getting people supporting us as a lodge, as a house is just so very important."

Guest speakers include local MLA Peter Guthrie and Mayor Jeff Genung.

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