The Choral Waves choir, Band on the Bow concert band, and Riverside Jazz will perform tunes that take us through nostalgia, hope, joy, and the beauty of the season with their Winter Celebration Concert on Sunday, Dec. 10.

Tickets are now available online here or can be purchased at the doors for the performance that begins at 7 p.m. at the Cochrane Alliance Church.

The Riverside Jazz band will open the show with a little something for everyone to charge the holiday spirit, The musical journey goes from fond nostalgia with A Charlie Brown Christmas to attitude with Arnge Drank by Paul Baker, interspersed with music to fall in love.

It includes a performance by magnificent vocalist LeeAnn Davis DeCoteau, singing Henry Mancini and Johnny Mercer’s It Had Better Be Tonight and Night and Day by Cole Porter.

Songs whose titles and lyrics portray the various colours and lights that we experience in the winter provide the theme for Choral Waves‘ performance.

Woodsmoke and Oranges travels “to the land of the silver birch, cry of the loon” that we all know. Irving Berlin’s swing tune, Blue Skies, reminds us how love can turn blue days into blue skies.

A Glimpse of Snow and Evergreen visualizes the peace and tranquility of “the cool white hush of fallen snow” on a stand of pine trees. Gordon Lightfoot’s beautiful love song, Song For A Winter’s Night, conjures the loneliness of missing one’s love on a snowy winter night.

These and others illuminate us with the fact that winter can be a source of beauty and truth that can be both startling and comforting.

Band on the Bow will bring hope, optimism, and joy to the stage with music that ranges from the familiar to deeply imaginative.

Steven Bryant’s composition, Aloft, evokes the relentless pursuit of powered flight by the Wright Brothers as well as the broader sense of persistence and elation during any creative act.

Keystone, composed by Winnipeg's Matt Neufeld, is upbeat, engaging music that will boost your mood and energy. Night Highway was inspired by composer Nicholas Ryan Kelly's many late-night journeys along British Columbia's precarious mountain highways. Christmas Toons is a trip down memory lane featuring music from your favorite childhood cartoons arranged by Julie Giroux.

Nonperishables will be accepted for the Cochrane Activettes food bank.

The Cochrane Music Society is a vibrant, fun-loving, inclusive group committed to bringing joy through music to the Cochrane. For 25 years, the Band on the Bow, Riverside Jazz, and Choral Waves have been performing for our friends and neighbours at local events, including Canada Day, Cochrane Culture Day celebrations, Christmas events, and other memorable occasions.

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