On June 17, Cochrane Family Community Support Services (FCSS) and Cochrane Society for Housing Options (CSHO) are coming together to celebrate 10 years of providing community services and affordable housing.

A big birthday party is being planned by both support services and they are hoping the whole community comes out to celebrate their many years of service.

Corinne Burns, Housing Coordinator for CSHO, says they will have many family friendly activities.

"We have lots of great activities, a BBQ, kids activities, bouncy castles, roping demonstration, petting zoo, and it is just basically a big celebration for the whole community."

Burns shares the demand for affordable housing has remained steady over the last 10 years.

"The demand for affordable housing is always there, regardless of what is happening in the economy. Even when we see the increase of availability of rental units in the market we always have a demand for our housing."

Burns says Cochrane is getting better with providing housing options.

"There is our program geared to low to moderate income households, there is a great livability right now in the market, there is also a variety of seniors' housing options- there is always room for improvement but our community is coming along."

When it comes to most sought after housing, Burns shares the need is fairly even across the board.

"In terms of the applications we see coming through for our program we see everything from singles, to families, to seniors', to persons with disabilities and special needs we see everything and we accept everyone."

Susan Flowers, Manager of Family Community Support Services, says the partnership between FCSS and the CSHO keeps growing and growing with needs spanning all generations.

"Cochrane is growing and the needs are growing. We have an aging population more and more seniors are wanting to scale down in their homes but there is not a lot of choices; so we would like to see more choices available to the older populations. We have many, many young people moving to Cochrane and starting their families here. So lots of children's activities and lots of pressure on our Parent Link Centre to do more programming."

In the next five or ten years Flowers anticipates Parent Link will need to expand as well as continued development for seniors' housing.

Flowers adds even though there is continued pressure on the town to provide social infrastructure, it was, and still is the best town around.

Come out to celebrate the success of the partnership between the Town of Cochrane and affordable housing.

The fun gets underway on June 17 from 3-7.