The Cochrane Elves for Seniors has been created to continue the tradition of brightening Christmas for many in our community.

They'll be accepting gifts for residents of Big Hill Lodge, Evergreen Manor, and Bethany Cochrane and will be bringing some to the Seniors and the Bow to give to seniors who are independent or alone who deserve a gift to cherish at Christmas.

"Right now, we're sitting at about 1,100 seniors we're going to be gifting," says Cheryl DeMaere Ellis.

She's continuing to co-organize the gift-giving with Heather Williams. Both have been involved in the Christmas gift program here for years, and DeMaere Ellis' mom is a resident of Bethany Cochrane.

There's about an equal number of men and women gifts required and they also welcome about 25 gender-neutral gifts. Gifts should be in the $20 to $35 price range and can be dropped off at Cochrane Toyota.

As well, 78 blankets are required for extended care residents in Bethany Cochrane.

The question may arise, what to purchase?

"Imagine you're shopping for your grandparents," suggests DeMaere Ellis.

"The only thing the homes have requested is they don't want candles or homebaked goods, or things are scented because there are allergies to take into consideration," she says. "Other than that, shop like you're shopping for your grandparents. It makes it fun then."

The deadline for gifts is Dec. 20 so they can be distributed in time for Christmas.

She says if people have questions, they can PM Cheryl or Heather Wolfe-Williams on their Facebook pages.

"We guarantee everything donated will be distributed in Cochrane."

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