As we head into the holiday season, seniors at Bethany Cochrane can look out their window and see the Christmas spirit shining through. 

Employees at Fortis Alberta spent Friday afternoon decorating trees outside the building. 

Mona Bartsoff with Fortis Alberta says "As part of our way of celebrating the holidays we decided to decorate the trees in the front of our many seniors centres within our service territory."

She says they decorated several trees around the building to ensure they'd be visible for most residents. 

"There's some trees that are in the back of the Cochrane Bethany centre for the dementia patients, so we've done some trees in the back and we're doing some trees in the front, so when the seniors look our their window they'll see trees lit up. We're calling them Trees of Joy, brought to you by Fortis Alberta."

Bartsoff says taking this on was an easy decision. 

"We wanted to do something for those who have been most impacted by COVID. We felt that this is something that we could do in line with our business and also something that we could do safely for our employees."