Two Cochrane superheroes can often be seen at local community events or just hanging out in their neighbourhood of Heartland, keeping the community safe.

Bow Valley Highschool students, Kieran and Cody Hicks have worked tirelessly and put in countless hours on their handmade Iron Man costumes. 

Kieran says his love for dressing up as Iron Man started at a very young age. 

"When I was around two or three years old my mom made this Iron Man paper plate helmet. Now looking back at that video I just saw so much potential, I just wanted to make that a reality." 

He used a 3D printer to make his suit, which took approximately three months to make. 

"I wanted to make him look as realistic as possible. I got help from different people, different mentors, and people teaching me how to make it look really realistic. I just tried everything I could to make it look as best as possible."

Ironmen The Cochrane Iron Men dropped by 91.5 FM to chat with Lauren and Eric 

Cody, who's suit is made of cardboard and foam took a few weeks to make says he loves getting out and interacting with the public. 

"A big smile on their face. It's always that reaction where you get butterflies in your stomach, it's that excited feeling and you feel a sense of accomplishment from making people feel excited." 

The pair has been hired to appear at birthday parties and would like to continue doing that. 

You can reach out to the pair on their Facebook page.

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