A nine-year-old Cochrane boy has written and published his first book while sharing his personal story. 

Samuel Rivera struggled with the idea of needing to wear glasses so his mom Veronica suggested he put his feelings to paper.

"He's really shy, but he wanted to share his story because he suffered when the doctor said he had to wear glasses forever, and he didn't want to because he was afraid to be bullied."

The book is called Too Cool For Glasses and is illustrated by Samuel's 11-year-old cousin Juan José Garcia F.

Juan José said he enjoyed teaming up for this project. 

"I was inspired by my cousin and I tried to make the pictures look similar to him."

Veronica said she is incredibly proud of the boys.  

"It was always my dream, you know? I'm a journalist, my dad is a journalist, my granddad was a journalist. And we've always wrote about feelings and wrote stories about people but now it's Samuel writing his own story."

Samuel said he's proud to wear his glasses now. 

The pair plan to showcase the book at farmer's markets this summer. 

The book is available for purchase for $10 through Samuel at samuelrifi04@gmail.com or on Amazon