Cody Matechuk is an extreme athlete who can often be seen flying high on his dirt bike, snow bike or wingsuit.

But the Cochrane man was forced to slow things down this summer when he was involved in a crash in the United States. 

"I have quite the adventurous lifestyle and it was cut short this summer with an unfortunate accident down in Washington at a freestyle motocross show, where I somehow ended up in the back wheel tangled up, and I broke my back." said Matechuk 


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He went onto finish riding at the event, a decision that Matechuk admits was probably not the best choice. 

Matechuk broke a piece off of his L3 and after receiving medical care and rest, he is on his way to a full recovery. 

"I think it was honestly a good thing. It was such a busy summer, we had riding all winter with indoor shows then into Stampede. We were at Stampede with the Monster Energy Crew and then into the States for a tour. So this break put me on the couch for a little while but it also kind of let me reset my mind and focus on priorities and do a little bit of family time."

He was back to riding again after "Six weeks, and one day." said Matechuk.

"I've noticed a little bit of an adjustment just in my body changing, things like getting back on the bike. Everything is a little bit different. Your balance points are different, very minor. I'm gearing up right now to head down to Moab for our yearly get together. We wingsuit off all the mountains down there for two to three weeks straight and have a lot of fun."

"I think the first thing that goes through anybody's mind when you get injured is boom, flash forward next two months, next six months, what is it going to look like, and it creates an instant panic. Life is all about circumstances that we can't control, so you can focus on the here and now and what you can control. So take it day by day, set little goals."

Cody MatechukCody Matechuk riding at the Calgary Stampede (Photo credit studiodoug)


Cody Matechuk

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