Cochrane RCMP responded to 500 calls for service in the month of April, which is consistent with most months.

Detachment Commander, Insp. Dave Brunner said 33 of the calls were for mischief. 

"That could be people keying cars and trying to get in or breaking windows and that kind of stuff or it could be mischief to public property."

Officers also saw thefts under and over $5000 last month. 

"I know that there's still a lot of people on the phone, especially during tax season that received a call saying that, the person on the other end is Canada Revenue Service and you owe X amount of money and if you're not going to pay then they're going to send the police. Well, Canada Revenue, they don't do that and certainly police officers aren't coming to your door to collect a fine."

Brunner advises the public to contact the RCMP if they ever find themselves in that situation. 

"If that happens, don't answer your door and phone us right away. We're here to protect our citizens of this community but we're also here to educate. If you're getting a phone call and somebody's telling you something that seems too good to be true, then it probably is."

Thefts from motor vehicles is something that they're still seeing a lot of, stated Brunner. 

"Being next door to a city of 1.4 million people we see a lot of transient criminals, they might not all be from the major city but a fair number make the trek out here into the Cochrane detachment area and into the town of Cochrane. We know that they just walk the streets and try vehicles and if they find one that's open, they rifle through it and take what they can."

There were 20 reports of suspicious persons in Cochrane in April. 

"People who live in the communities know what's normal in their community and when they see something that looks out of the norm, they're giving us a call."

Brunner said they received 20 mental health calls last month. 

"Mental health and addictions seem to go hand in hand and our Regional Police and Crisis Team (RPACT) are fully engaged and do a lot of good work. They take a lot of these calls and try and help these people. So that's a big win for us."