Cochrane cops have started cruising around town on two wheels in an effort to keep our community safe. 

RCMP Cst. Clayton Gelinas said officers and peace officers have already started hitting the streets and local waterways as part of the Summer Patrol Program. 

"Travelling around on the bike paths and looking for people who are wearing their helmets, all the safety gear that you would need for a pedal bike out there and following the rules of the road. For the boats, they're going to be out on the rivers looking for life jackets, flares, and of course drinking."

The program isn't necessary to nab criminals, explains Gelinas. 

"We have want to make sure everyone is safe and we're actually going to incorporate the Positive Ticket Program this year again. We're going to see if kids are doing anything nice. Things like walking their bikes across the crosswalks, doing good deeds and they'll get a positive ticket from many different businesses here."

"Just walking their bikes across the walkway, wearing helmets or if they help somebody across the road. Doing something that is kind of extraordinary."

The official kick off for the Positive Ticket Program is on June 15.

The Positive Ticket Program recognizes and celebrates kids who are doing good things in the community. 

The officers take a special four-day course before hitting the streets. 

Four officers will be seen throughout the community's pathways this summer.