Cochrane Tourism is welcoming its new Executive Director, Callandra Caufield on April 1st. Caufield comes with 25 years of experience and a plethora of different job titles which include entrepreneur, event producer, and tourism academic. 

Caufield has worked with previous Executive Director Jo-Anne Oucharek for several years, “Jo-Anne has been an exceptional mentor and she works harder than maybe any other person that I know, so the first few months is definitely going to be me discovering how I'm going to do this role without Jo-Anne’s support, and I'm confident that I can do it, its just figuring out the best way that I can do that for the community.” she said on how she will adjust to not working with Oucharek.

"She wrapped up a present and handed it to me, she created such a strong foundation that it's a really exciting role for me to step into. Travel Alberta has identified us as an emerging destination so we’ve got some really unique opportunities right now to start growing the tourism industry in a way that benefits the community.” Caufield added. 

Caufield's goal is that she "Can create a tourism industry here that positively benefits our community and also allows visitors to come in and experience the character of Cochrane.”

Cochrane being named an emerging destination is very exciting for the town, In a release from Cochrane Tourism, it stated "With Cochrane on the map as a distinct destination, the community can anticipate increased tourism dollars, job opportunities, and support for local businesses."

Jo-Anne Oucharek steps down from the position after a successful 6.5 years and the creation of an award-winning destination brand and tourism mentorship program. 

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