According to the statistics on the AHS website, Cochrane/Springbank has 13 cases, 4 which are active and 9 are recovered.

On Tuesday, Dr. Deena Hinshaw reported a large single day increase of COVID-19 cases in Alberta. There are 138 new cases, for a grand total of 1,870 in the province.

Approximately half of the total cases, 914 total, are reported recoveries. Unfortunately Hinshaw also reported two additional deaths. The provincial death toll now sits at 48.

One of the latest deaths was an individual at McKenzie Towne Continuing Care in Calgary, bringing the death toll at that facility alone to 21. The second death was reported at a continuing care home in Edmonton.

To date, 214 cases and 30 deaths have been reported at continuing care facilities in the province.

Since the outbreak started in Alberta, 82,649 tests have been completed. As the province continues to expand testing protocols, those numbers are expected to continue to increase.

Hinshaw explains, "While we are seeing a steady rise in recovered cases in the province, we should also expect to see a rise of cases in the coming days as a result of expanded testing." 

Dr Hinshaw spoke to the fact that she understands the frustration that Albertans must be feeling saying, "I know that many Albertans may be tired of hearing about COVID 19. Our hair may be getting shaggy and our tempers may be getting short and many are struggling to make ends meet with the impact theses measures have had on on workplaces. For all of us I wonder if one of the hardest things to manage is the uncertainty looking forward and that fact we can't yet make plans for when life will return to more normalcy. I am guessing all Albertans want their lives back and as soon as possible."  

"Now that we've been able to significantly expand testing to provide more robust data, I hope to provide some more structured timelines soon to the Emergency Management Coordination Committee of cabinet for them to consider next steps going forward." Even so, says Hinshaw, we will be dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic for some while yet."