A skier has died after setting off an avalanche on a mountain northwest of Banff.

Avalanche Canada reported that a lone skier ventured off the shoulder of Cathedral Mountain onto a terrain known as Cathedral Glades.

The skier inadvertently triggered a size 2.5 avalanche.

The victim was reported missing on April 1.

"The incident date is derived from a professional observation made in the morning of March 30. That report identified the avalanche as being approximately 12 hours old." according to officials.

Avalanche View of avalanche start zone and upper track.(Credit Avalanche Canada)

Rescuers managed to locate the victim from the air as a ski was visible. Upon reaching the scene, rescue crews discovered the skier partially buried in the snow, with a boot also visible on the surface.

A transceiver was found switched off in the skier’s backpack, according to Avalanche Canada.