Fireside school held its Read-A-Thon once again this year. After the success of the event the last couple years the school wanted to do it again.

Tara Sly the assistant principal had the goal of minutes read set to 500,000 after surpassing one million last year in a full month. This time instead of a month they only held the event for two weeks.

After those two weeks they far surpassed their goal, reaching over 800,000 minutes.

The funds earned from the event will go towards book sets for upper level grades, interest books, high level readers, and literacy kits. The books will help supplement their library and learning commons.

The event was a fun time for the students to push each other to read more "We start together and we finish together...but pretty much across all grades there are classes that are keen or groups within classes who kind of challenge each other." said Sly. 

Last year the even garnered over $12,000 and over $18,000 the year before. A final total from this years event will announced in a school assembly Thursday.