As winter begins with it comes snow and colder temperatures and driving safety is always a top priority.

So as we prepare for weather changes from fall to winter, we should also upgrade the supplies in our vehicles.

Having a winter emergency kit with some essentials in our cars will certainly make all the difference if problems should arise.

Jackie Richards is the Director of Customer Happiness at Big Hill Towing and she says she too often sees drivers who are ill prepared for unexpected winter emergencies.

Richards says that some important things to keep in mind for winter drivers is to have a charged cell phone and enough fuel to keep the car running.

"Make sure you have a full tank of fuel. If you go into a ditch and it's a crazy day for tow truck drivers you never know how long you could be waiting, so a full tank of fuel will help to keep you warm"

Richards says other things to keep handy are warm clothes, a shovel, non perishable food and water.