The Helping Hands Society of Cochrane & Area is now offering another option for local residents to obtain food with the opening of a new store.

"It's basically the third free food shed in town" said Helping Hands executive director Laura McDonald.

"We have enough food that we're constantly recovering and accessing and able to divert back into the community that we can offer a third location for anyone who might want more of a shopping experience."

The store will offer clients a more relaxed and calm atmosphere. 

"I know that at the shed there can be a lineup and sometimes that can create a bit of pressure and once you get to the front of the line you probably feel a little bit in a hurry to just take what you can grab and make room for the other people waiting behind you. So we're looking to offer something that's a little more calm."


"The sheds offer a wonderful, wonderful service, but this would be a little bit of a more controlled or slow process. You can see whoever's working at Helping Hands that day, say hello and either cool off or warm up depending what time of year it is and just take a look through what we have in the office. It's an absolutely free food store, just like the shed and it's a chance to just come and say hi to us."

The food rescue program distributes more than 10,500kg of recoverable food every month. 

Although the store provides a complimentary shopping experience, patrons do have the opportunity to contribute a small donation towards Helping Hands if they are able.

The store will be open Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at 244C River Ave.