Taking one minute to complete an online form will immensely help Rocky View Schools in planning for the 2020-21 school year.

This morning, RVS made available an online form for parents to let them know if their children will be returning to class, utilizing their online learning, or will not be returning the RVS school system.

COVID-19 has expanded the options on how children will be educated, and getting accurate numbers will help the division make sure adequate resources are available for both classroom and online instruction.

"It's quick little form, fill in your child's name, the grade, the school and what your intentions are for next year," says RVS superintendent Greg Luterbach. "That will help us plan accordingly."

"We launched that about three hours ago, have just over 2,000 responses already in the first three hours, and so our challenge is over the next 10 days is to get the other 24,000 responses."

In addition, parents will have until 9 a.m. on Monday, Aug. 24 to advise the division if they wish to register their child/ren into RVS online learning.

Families will have a one-time opportunity to change from either online or face-to-face learning  on Feb.1 for the reminder of the school year.

The division also released today further details on its online program.  Parents can now take a high-level look at how the division's online program will help grade 1 to 12 students achieve their educational objectives.

Rocky View Schools (RVS) is adjusting the school schedule slightly for the first few days of class to help ease students back into their school environments and help them to familiarize themselves with the changes put in place to protect them.

RVS has announced about a third of students will attend their designated school on Sept. 2 to 4 with each student only attending one of those days. Parents will be notified by their schools which day their child/ren is assigned to attend by Aug. 28.  

As in the past, Kindergarten students will have a slightly modified schedule for the first few weeks.

The online intentions form is available here.