It's been a tough go at animal shelters in Alberta over the last few months with some needing to close their doors and stop accepting animals due to overwhelming numbers. 

So far that has not been the case locally even with an influx in the number of animals being housed. 

Tiffany Beaton, Cochrane and Area Humane Society (CAHS) communications coordinator said they get multiple surrender requests every day. 

"It's impossible to intake all of those animals, as much as we would love to. We are a relatively small shelter, and we are almost always at capacity or near capacity." 

The shelter has 28 dog kennels, and 28 cat kennels, and each office in the building houses at least one animal.

In August CAHS took in 38 surrenders "If we included strays, our number would change to 112." 

Beaton said they rely heavily on fosters. 

"If you do have the ability to foster and are able to clear some space and help us bring in a couple more dogs, cats, small critters, anything in need. It is a huge help to us." 

The current tough economic situation has played a factor in the increase in surrenders. 

"Whether it's a new home that's not allowing pets, finances, if they just can't care for their animal properly then we get surrenders for those, or for medical costs. Also for behavioral issues, for people who just haven't had time for their animals and they've gotten into a bad behavioral pattern, we'll get surrenders for that as well." 

The shelter recently received a brand new roof thanks to a recent golf fundraiser. 

To learn more about CAHS go HERE. 

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