Traveling across the world with high school friends is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for most people, but it could become a reality for a group of local students.

Carrie Zunti, who teaches at Bow Valley High School is helping to organize an EF Educational Community Tour for the spring of 2026 to Japan. 

"It's all led through educators, so everyone is either a teacher or an educator. We just take kids on these amazing tours throughout Japan and it's just a little snippet of everything to encourage kids to get that bug to travel, which is always amazing to have."

A group of local high school students, including Zunti and her son, spent their spring break in Greece and Italy.

"That one was amazing. I think for a lot of students who are shy, it opens them up because they have to be very independent. They have to figure out everything on their own and they have to learn to socialize with other people. I don't find kids are on their phones as much because they're so engaged with everything around them and they engage with our tour guides because our tour guides are just phenomenal."

tripAvery Zunti and Carrie Zunti on a trip to Greece and Italy in 2024

There's an information meeting scheduled for tonight at Bow Valley High School, explains Zunti.

"We're going to give out lots of information for all the parents. Right now we're just planning to get all the information out there so that people know, students know and parents know where we're going." 

The meeting will go at 6 p.m. in the Learning Commons. 

Zunti said the trip is open to all high school students.

"This is a community trip and has no affiliation with any school boards."