The Cochrane Lions Club is the most recent organization to benefit from Two Pharmacy's Community Roots Program.

They recently received a hefty donation on behalf of the local pharmacy in memory of longtime Lions Club volunteer Bob Smid.

Two Pharmacy's Operations Manager, Reid Kimmett explains that the Community Roots Program is a two-pronged approach that is beneficial for the health and well-being of two people; or in this case two groups of people.

"The entire premise behind the 'Two' in Two Pharmacy is that with every transaction, two people's health will benefit; yours, and the health and wellbeing of someone in need," explains Kimmett. "Now, more than ever we want to focus our attention locally and help nurture the roots of our community."

Through the Community Roots program, the pharmacy committed to donating a percentage of their July sales to the Cochrane Lions, and in turn, they were able to hand over a cheque for $4087.43.

Kimmett says that Cochrane is better and stronger together, and their hope is to further strengthen community roots with this program.

"One root system can have far-reaching impacts for the health of the forest, however with more roots from a variety of plants the forest flourishes and creates a beautiful diverse ecosystem," says Kimmett. "We want to help support more roots, we want to grow a stronger more diverse community." 

During the Labour Day Weekend Rodeo, the Lions took a moment to honour Bob Smid who was a staple in the community and pillar of the Cochrane Lions Club.