The Mrs Universe stage will soon crown the next queen and it could be Cochrane's very own Heather Hill. 

The current Mrs. Calgary title holder is set to represent our country as Mrs. Universe Great White North. 

"It's really exciting. In October I'll fly to South Korea and I'll be representing the Great White North. I get to continue giving back to the community and continue representing Cochrane and Calgary for the next year."

Hill was appointed this role because of the extensive work she's done giving back to the community over the past year. 

"I will be participating with about 100 other women from around the world, we'll all meet up in South Korea. We'll be not just showcasing our countries but there's a domestic violence approach as well that we have to talk about with our own countries."

Hill just found about about this opportunity. 

"At 44 to be able to do something like this, to represent Alberta, to represent Calgary and Cochrane, I have no words. I'm very humbled."

Hill will compete in various categories while in South Korea. 

"Everybody does have to do a presentation about domestic violence and where it stands in their home countries. There will be a national costume component, so stay tuned for that and then a formal wear and the interview."

Hill is looking to the recent Northern Lights display for inspiration for the costume portion of the competition. 

The Cochrane mom's one-year reign will soon come to a close with the next Mrs. Calgary to be crowned on June 7. 

Applications are currently open.