Week One of the Cochrane pool league is in the books and kicked off with a historic match between husband and wife.

It was Ken MacLean and his "Let's Get It Done" team against Marilyn MacLean and her all-women's team "The MissCues." They are the first all-women's team in the league's long history.

Marilyn has played pool for a long time and was in her second year in the Cochrane league. 

"Then this year, I thought, I'm going to put in an all-women's team," says Marilyn, "So MissCues is an all-women's team."

Husband Ken was a bit surprised but supportive.

"Yeah, I got left behind on this one, but kudos to her for taking the opportunity to enter her own team."

Ken's brother Steve, also a long-time player, was called upon to officiate the game. He was up to the task.

"Well, he's always telling her what he's done wrong," he laughs, "So, it's all good."

The Cochrane league has been providing local pool players a chance to enjoy a highly sociable evening for nearly three decades.

"I've been here for 30 years and I've been playing in it for the last 28 years, so it's been going on for a long time," says Bill Gibbons, who's also a professional billiards instructor.

"It's a fun league, a recreational league. There's a lot of good players and we're all neighbours, you might say. When you're playing against your neighbour, you're going to have a good time, regardless."

He says it's also an inclusive sport that's wheelchair and senior-friendly.

"It is good for you mentally and physically, it can be played all year round, and it's low-cost."

pool teamsPlayers at Texas Gate Bar & Grill on the league's opening night, Sept. 20.

There are 12 teams playing in the Wednesday night league that plays at various venues in town. Opening night was held at the Texas Gate Bar & Grill.

While the teams have been set, Gibbon says people are always welcome to join. Simply contact Pacific Vending at 587-577-5434 and they'll put you on the list of spares.

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