Maverick Party candidate Tariq Elnaga is holding a town hall in Cochrane tonight (July 21) at the Frank Wills Memorial Hall, 405 1 St. E.

It will be the third town hall event of the federal Banff-Airdrie candidate for the recently formed party as he continues to ramp up his campaign for the next federal election.

Elnaga says the event opens at 7 p.m with a meet and greet, followed by a short talk on himself and the Maverick Party, then a Q&A.

He was in Bearspaw last night for his second town hall and held one in Balzac on July 13.

Elnaga says the core questions have centred upon the aspirations of the party to give the West a voice. He says he quickly sets asides concerns that the party will split votes.

"Those are the ones I address right away because we are not a vote-splitting party. If anything, we're a vote-unifying party because we are the only party to represent western Canada."

Questions about the party's policy on resource development are also common.