Some low-life is attempting to scam members of Cochrane Minor Hockey.

Cochrane Minor Hockey officials are warning its members of a scam email being circulating to CMHA email addresses.

Under the signature of Corey Oaten, it's asking people to purchase an Amazon Gift Card with the promise of reimbursement the following day.

The email states it's to surprise some of the organization's board members with gifts.

Cochrane Minor Hockey asks its member to not respond or purchase gift cards.

The email and the response read:

“Would you be able to get an Amazon Gift Card purchase done for me now with your personal funds? I will reimburse you tomorrow. I am planning on surprising some of our diligent Board Members with gifts. I want this to remain confidential until they receive their gifts. Let me know.”

“I need you to get something sorted out as soon as possible, Let me know if you are available now? I will be going into a meeting now with limited access to phone calls, so email will be the best way to reach me   

Regards, Cory Oaten

Minor hockey has reported the scam email to Gmail officials. Should its members receive a similar email, they're asked to also report the email address to Gmail should time permits.

You can report here:

This is the scammer email: