Communications has been key for Mayor Jeff Genung during the COVID-19 pandemic, and that now includes local youth.

Mayor Genung says questions have been trickling in for the Friday, 11 a.m. Facebook Live session with local youth.

The town has been spreading the word of the session to youth using every means possible. That includes connecting to schools through Rocky View Schools school board chair Fiona Gilbert.

"I'm hoping to get a good turnout, and a cross-section of kids, youth and teens."

Genung says youth have been heavily impacted by measures taken to slow the spread.

"Not being in school, no more sports, the rec centre is closed, playground structures are closed... we're slowly clamping down on every aspect of most people's lives--but kids in particular--to limit their interaction with one-and-other."

He sees the session as an opportunity to hear what youth have to say.

"I would like to hear from them directly, what is it we can do if anything. Even if it's just to keep each other connected."

Going forward, he wants to keep youth in the conversation and perhaps set up a chat room to connect, possibly weekly.