A group of Cochrane boys will never forget the St. Paddy's Day that they struck gold.

Greg Stirrett says he's been casually collecting hockey cards hoping to snag a lucky one with his son, Luke. 

On March 17th, at Luke's 11th birthday party, they had the luck of the Irish on their side when they pulled a Connor Bedard "Young Guns" rookie card.

"I don't know who went first but a couple of them started yelling and then it was just this, I would say pandemonium and contagious joy and they all just started jumping up and down and screaming."

Stirrett says he read the odds are one in every 1250 packs that you could get this particular card. 

There's a lot of hype surrounding this card. An American collectibles company posted a $1-million bounty for the gold version of the card. 

"You'll hear in the video they say this is the million dollars. So some of them, I would say half of the party knew about this. The others were just kind of jumping in and joining. So I wonder if some of them actually thought that was the million dollar card. But it is the card that everyone is chasing for sure. It is the "Young Guns" rookie card for sure."

Stirrett estimates this card ranges between $800-$1200.

Having the card is great but Stirrett says he'll never forget the experience. 

"It was so infectious right with the age of the boys. They don't have that self consciousness or restraint that I think that comes with age. So it was just pure joy and people almost irrationally screaming. Which made it great. So I'm thinking I'm just holding on to that memory."

As far as plans for what to do with the card? 

"My feeling is, you know, Luke's birthday I should just give it to him but I have two girls as well. So I either have to get two more of these lucky pulls or find some sort of agreement with them. So as of right now, it's still mine."