Things are looking up for those who continued to be impacted by repairs to the water main by the Riverfront Park.

Late today, access to Riverview Drive from Griffin Rd. and 5th Ave. has reopened. It had been closed since Oct. 25 due to repairs to the water and wastewater systems. At the time, town officials said it was expected to last a few days.

A Whissell Contracting employee was also seen going door-to-door to homes on Riverside Place, located adjacent to the Riverview community and accessible via Griffin Rd.

The closed sign has been removed and water trucks have now been witnessed filling up at the town bulk water station.

water truck

Earlier today, Mayor Jeff Genung said the return to bulk water sales should trigger the removal of Level 3 water restrictions that have been in place since Oct. 22.

As of yet, there has been no official word from town administration.

An update early today only stated that town administration is working collaboratively with the municipal consultant and contractor to pursue a path forward with the syphon project.

It also provided a brief brief overview of the incident and why the project was required.

The project's price jumped a whomping 38 per cent this summer, forcing the town to seek approval for another $1.519 million in debenture borrowing.

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It is now a $7.1 million project that was funded by debenture. The entire cost of the project will be recovered from off-site levy charged to developers. 

Whether the financial implications of the project will change could be among the items included in town administration's scheduled Nov. 20 public presentation.

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