Work continues on the water line that supplies water to homes on Riverside Place and the town's bulk water station.

Once back on the line, Mayor Jeff Genung believes it will lead to the removal of Level 3 water restrictions

Mayor Genung says creating that bypass was vital to stopping the water gushing out of the ruptured water line by Riverfront Park and preventing the need for even more residents to be left without water during the crisis.

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He says they are in the final stages of repairs that include recharging and sanitizing the line. 

"They're close to getting it completed, and that should be the trigger that lifts the restrictions, so any day now."

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Level 3 restrictions mean no bulk water sales, and no outdoor watering. The town also retains the ability to adjust water pressure as deemed necessary.

A full report on the entire crisis is being provided by town administration at a Nov. 20 public meeting.

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